Brent Sigmeth

Engineer + Producer + Musician


I was obsessed with music by age four and playing in bands at fifteen, inspired with Debussy, The Beatles, Roger Miller, Harry Nilsson, Herb Albert, Joni Mitchell, Led Zepplin, Big Star, David Crosby, and Dylan—moving on to Echo and the Bunnymen, XTC, Beck, Supergrass, Wilco and many more. 

I arrived at Pachyderm Studio in 1993 and was schooled in the wild by local and national mentors including Tom Herbers, Brian Paulson, Steve McKinstry, Steve Albini and Tony Platt. Engineering influences continued with Terry Manning, Geoff Emerick, Glynn Johns, Nigel Godrich and also Tchad Blake, a long time study, with whom I was honored to collaborate on The Bad Plus/Wendy Lewis “For All I Care” recording (2008). 

I seek organic mid-range thickness with clarity; Kurt Vonnegut, Theodore Sturgeon, John Crowley, Hunter S. Thompson, William Burroughs, Ken Kesey, Ambrose Bierce and Mark Twain have aided in that pursuit. I’ve also been sustained by crossword puzzles, country living, writing for my local newspaper, my family, an ongoing elimination of societal delusions—and, yard maintenance. My ridiculously reasonable and utterly unpredictable wife Wendy Lewis has offered further assistance in the joy of living and listening.